Quality Policy

Wox Textile Industry Trade Inc. adopt as a principle of offering the highest quality and most beautiful product which conforms to the laws, to the national and international quality standards from the day of its establishment in the shoe and clothing industry where it operates to provide customers satisfaction and to become a world brand.
Wox Textile Industry Trade Inc. has adopted to review all the conditions for the purposes that it has determined for high quality in its products, to control and increase the applicable quality standards for the activities carried out by keeping international standards and principles
Wox Textile Industry Trade Inc. constantly monitors and follows up supplier performances with the awareness that its own production network and suppliers are the basic element of product quality. Product quality is controlled in every aspect and improving actions are taken in all matters that may negatively affect quality. The risks affecting the quality are determined in advance with continuous meetings and preventive actions are carried out.

Wox Textile Industry Trade Inc. organizes continuous training to inform its personnel and to improve their capacity. Our organization uses contemporary and modern practices to manage change and ensure continuous improvement. The most elegant designs are presented to the taste of the customers, which are delicately prepared according to the latest fashion and trends in clothing.

Wox Textile Industry Trade Inc. continuously improves its management system in order to maintain customer satisfaction and ensure continuous improvement.